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Pat Saindon 
Area of Expertise:


Pat Saindon has been working with our team for at least seven years. he works for Boeing as a computer application analyst. pat often helps with finding a creative way to utilize the robot to our advantage, and gives us ideas about how to create a successful robot, as well as assisting us in building the robot itself. He believes that with fresh eyes and minds on the team, we will go far. In terms of the competition, he thinks that we will be in the middle of the pack and will make it to finals. 

Todd Reineke
Area of Expertise:

This is Todd Reineke's second year of mentoring a FRC team in four years. He works for International Business Machine. He helps create successful programs and gives advice to programmers, as well as offering fresh perspectives on issues that we have had with the robot. He finds the team exciting and likes to see the progress we have made, and feels that we will do better than we did last year on the field. 

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There are many different tasks that a member of the team may choose to do - even ones that don't seem related to robots at all! Here are some typical jobs that robotics members do. 


Wiring is a crucial part of creating a robot, as faulty wiring can lead to damage to the robot or injury. In addition, faulty wiring can also cause the robot to not function properly. Many builders do wiring. 

Safety Captains are specifically in charge of making sure that team members use safe procedures when working with the robot at all times. 

A Day in the Life of a Robotics Member
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